PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

It's the fall season, so let's welcome back traditional (and spoiler-filled)...

Angel thoughts/discussion

* Wait, they just mentioned Punisher and X-Men comics? Two Marvel comics? On WB, a channel owned by the same company that owns DC Comics? Haw haw!
* Angel: Did you hear what happened last night?
Gunn: You got lucky?
* Man, this Wolfram & Hart set it frikkin' huge.
* I like this Hauser guy.
* Eve: acceptable.
* Is it wrong I'm more excited that Harmony is back than Spike's return? (Answer: nope.)
* Quick, to the Angelmobile!
* D.A. shaman? Man, Joss, you're getting weird in your old age.
* Knox - also acceptable, but I wanna see why he's there before I decide. Not buying the 'opportunistic' angle across the board.
* Best prop of the night: Lorne's chart!
* Whoah, Fred almost had backbone there. Passive/aggressive, but hey, it's a step in the right direction. I hope she cracks.
* I'm also pro-cleaner.
* ...and I guess I'm glad I didn't get too attached to Hauser.
* Meta-comment of the night: "Charles had the most unused potential."
* Super-lawyer, sweet.

In summation: Man, way to drive home the crazy shades of gray there. And way to kick off the season.

QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: "(The extra ingredient is otter!)" -Harmony

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