PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Memes, the Black Death, and remakes

* "If Iran really is behind a plan to kill the Saudi ambassador to Washington, its capabilities and strategic acumen are far less impressive than anything we've seen thus far."
* Follow-up: Marc Lynch on the problems facing Yemen.
* Right, and there's another oil spill, this time in the North Sea.
* Good read: on the idea of fairness in reporting and the filibuster.
* Interesting: trying to pin down just what Romney really believes.
* Scientists map the genome for the Black Death.
* Not only did they censor references to climate change, they even omitted mentioning the ocean level is actually rising. Good work, Texas!
* "You are what you meme."
* Examining Hollywood's remake obsession.

Tags: 2011, easy sell, movies, news, science!, welcome to america

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