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Last minute karaoke happened last Saturday. We ended up in Laurel, and it turns out the place we tracked down, Fat Daddy's, was the same place we used to hit out there (My Way.) Only the building had been renovated, and gone through a couple other names in the past couple years. And there's this new hotel built next to it. So, yeah, a lot had changed in the past few years.

It's a cute little local bar, now. Not overly crowded, even on a Saturday night. And they do karaoke all week. And, uh, a bean bag toss out back in the smoking area. The website listed above lets you search for songs they have, so you could even write down the codes ahead of time (I freely admit flipping back and forth in the books is fun, though.)

Me: "Borderline"
M.: "I Am The Highway"
Jason H.: "All These Things That I've Done"
Jack: "Don't Mess Around With Jim"
Trent: "I Want To Talk About Me"
Me: "With or Without You"
M.: "Zombie"
Jason H.: "Boyz-n-the-Hood" (Dynamite Hack)
Me: "Rock Lobster"
Jack: "Smile Like You Mean It"
M.: "Criminal"

Would love to go back again before too long, but Laurel is relatively unreachable to us most of the time. Someone wants to plan something there and help out with transportation, let's talk.

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