PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"After two weeks of entertaining mayhem, Californians awoke yesterday to learn that it's very likely the world's fifth-largest economy will end up being run by a monosyllabic bodybuilder, chosen by a tiny percentage of the population."
-Doug Saunders

* Israel pushes their wall deeper into Palestinian territory.
* Howard Kurtz takes on "Wilsongate," the CIA intelligence leak. Also, a FAQ on the mess. And the Democrats push for a special prosecutor.
* Hahaha, wouldn't it be funny if Saddam was bluffing? (For different definitions of the word 'funny,' of course.)
* New study on changes in the workplace, with some surprising numbers for women.
* The world's richest man, and his hands-on charity.
* Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, as the most influential public official.
* This just in: kids don't do enough homework.
* The Expos might move to... Mexico?

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