PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Scalia, Occupy Wall Street, and one in three

* Supreme Court Justice Scalia isn't big on the bill of rights, but he does like gridlock. Wait, what?
* Ouch. Only one in three vets believe the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were worth fighting.
* "American politics reached a pivot point this week. A new story line will define how voters and the media see what’s going on."
* Douglas Rushkoff looks beyond the protests. (Courtesy maroonmd.)
* Good read: why a politician can't just preach to their base if they want to get elected.
* Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer wins the 2011 Nobel Prize for literature. More here.
* Technology pioneer Steve Jobs passed away. Here's a good memorial, and a good article on how he affected popular culture.

Tags: 2011, news

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