PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

as noted elsewhere, or to be noted elsewhere

We will be hitting Renfest this Sunday. Drop me a note if you'll be there too and want to catch up. Will have the shortstack with us, so we won't be solely camped out at the White Hart.

And as it's a month off now, finally decided that, yes, I'll be having a birthday party at our place on Saturday, November 5th. I'm aware there's another party slated for that day already, plus some nerd larp thing, but every other reasonable time also has something there too. So if you can't make it due to a previous commitment, that's cool, I promise not to hate you for that. And if you can't make the party and want to celebrate my birthday, hit me up, we'll figure out when we can do dinner or whatever.

Tags: 2011, not news

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