PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

not-so-drunken sailors and three lessons

Finally made it back to chantey sing last night, after many months of... not making it back. Handful of hep cats there. Ordered a tasty salad that I didn't realize had kiwis on it. Managed to eat around them without suffering any adverse reactions.

Our table was the third or so to sing, but at the table right before us, someone sang the song I was going to do. Carp. Luckily, I'd prepared a backup, but wasn't confident without psyching myself up, so after Mo did her song, I passed in favor of waiting for the second go-round. Which it turned out was an error on my part, as for a bit there I wasn't sure it would make it to a second round. Eep. So, next time, go in the first go-round, whether or not I am ready.

Anyways. Half our table was gone, but I did my backup song, and I don't think I did a terrible job. Was heck of nervous, also. Been a while since I've done that. Will have to, you know, learn some other shanteys to sing, for future backups. Maybe steal the table of contents from the song bible from a willing accomplice.

Tags: 2011, karaoke, not news
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