PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

In Theaters: Contagion

Had a few hours to kill downtown last week, so I hit the theater to check out Contagion. An unconventional disaster film, the scope is set very tightly on the viewpoints of the characters we've met. We get to see what they see, and find out what they find out, but everything else is kept peripheral. This avoids a lot of the Hollywood tropes of the sweeping vistas of suffering and awe, but lets us experience it through the lens of one of the people we've been following. Very cool. A lot of the movie is about the scientists working to identify and isolate the disease, going through the whole process, and I am often a fan of the 'smart people save the day' theme. Oh, and did I mention that all the actors are great, and the parts very believable? Yeah, pretty much. Well worth seeing, but you can prob. wait for the home screen.

Also, let me tell you, this is some scary stuff. I didn't want anyone standing within three feet of me for like the next twelve hours. And the guy who had a coughing fit as we were all leaving the theater? Not funny, dude.

(And I always struggle over pronouncing it as con-TAY-jun, instead of defaulting to cun-TAH-gee-on.)

New trailers:
* The Guard - If they were going for comedy, this trailer wasn't doing them any favors. I do dig Brendan Gleeson though.
* Anonymous - Ugh. You're poisoning a generation, Roland Emmerich.
* Courageous - If you liked that Kirk Cameron evangelical fireman drama from a few years ago, here's one with cops.
* The Way - Could be good, might be a bit hippie for my tastes.
* The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Deserves an Oscar for best use of 'Immigrant Song' in a trailer this year.
* John Carter - as noted earlier, this trailer is a treat. Trying to keep expectations low.
* Killer Elite - We've seen this movie five times before, and it's no stretch for Mr. Statham. But that's O-K.

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