PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

post-summer TV report

A few quick comments about shows we enjoyed this summer.

I wasn't planning to watch Alphas, but after finding out it was set in the same 'verse as Eureka (a show M. was into) we decided to give it a go. Started a little average, but a few episodes in they did a couple things that surprised me in a good way. And I like being surprised in genre shows. Yes, they've lifted some of the concepts from other places, but I like what they're doing with it. Not going to win any awards, but glad I watched it, and looking forward to getting more.

And Pretty Little Liars remains almost-shamefully addictive. There's always this sense that the whole thing is about to implode, but they just keep up with the tension, the plot twists, and the excellent characterization. It's a guilty pleasure, but a pleasure nonetheless.

Tags: not news, tv

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