PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Thanks to some clever planning by RQ, we watched *3* movies last night. In order:

The Adventures of Pluto Nash is really, really every bit as bad as people say. Honestly. At least The Quest had acceptable fight scenes. Seriously, it's bad, you can tell they spent a *lot* of money on it too. And so many big names in it too! I mean, RANDY QUAID. As a TALL ROBOT. It freakin' *starts* with Jay Mohr in a *kilt*. Yeesh. Actually, I feel worst for Luis Guzman, who is awesome no matter what he is in. Except this.

Strictly Ballroom was good! How did that sneak in there. Anyways, I hadn't seen it before, and it was big fun. I love the dad. Impressive costumes, a weird Christopher-Guest feeling in parts, good music, crazy dancing, all fit together nicely.

Was worried we wouldn't be able to fit in Swimfan, but the movie fates smiled on us. Or not. Anyways, this movie is everything you'd expect from it, including writing the plot itself. The Glory-lookailke needs to be in more things. I could do without the Xander-lookalike, though, and the Katie-Holmes-lookalike too. Anyways, lemme cut to the chase and say the morale of the story is, just go out with the creepy chick and save yourself a lot of trouble in the long run.

Did I mention the baby was a pain all night too? It was *great*.

Oh, and afterward I was up until all hours playing the PuzzlePirates (I hadn't played all weekend, thanks to Diablo2 re-catching my eye.) My crew got an island! more details as I get 'em.

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