PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,


I knew this week would be busy, but it's positively jetting by.

Party cleanup wasn't as brutal as I was expecting, so good up on that.

Zoe's back-to-school night was Tuesday. Met both her teachers, talked to them a bit after their presentations. They're both big fans of Z. We talked strategies for getting her to focus on her work, which is the big challenge these days.

Side note: Z. has been doing a Girls on the Run thing at her school, which she likes, which is good.

Right, what else. We've been working to clean some junk off the Tivo, in anticipation of the fall season.

After work, killed a couple hours at the movie theater, then caught up with some of the people from work and some other friends for drinks. Fun! But man, out late for a school night, by which i mean, public transportation is way slow at the end of the day. M. is a bit under the weather, which hopefully won't put a crimp in her plans.

Tonight is gaming at Dream Wizards; hoping to sneak in more painting this weekend. Tomorrow is a bit up in the air, sorting between a couple theories. And bonus day with the munchkin on Saturday. Zoom zoom.

Tags: 2011, bebe, not news

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