PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Media fairness, artificial blood vessels, and Spielberg

* Good read: the problem with the modern media is the struggle to appear balanced.
* We need to reform the whole education system, not just blame teachers.
* Matt Taibbi on the very real possibility of political revolt.
* "One of the big errors of our time is believing that what happens online is separate from what happens offline."
* Kevin Drum on political cynicism and Pennsylvania gerrymandering.
* Dana Milbank on why Democrats should be pulling for Romney.
* Joel Achenbach on the lost world of 9/10.
* "Artificial blood vessels made on a 3D printer may soon be used for transplants of lab-created organs."
* Nice! Spielberg admits he regrets changing E.T..

Tags: 2011, movies, news, quotes, science!

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