PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Troia, my new favorite reference, on the National Priorities Project.

Straight Dope clears up "the butler did it."

And today's article to get mad about: Patriot Act being used for all sorts of cases that don't involve terrorism.

* Cheney keeps pressing Iraqi-hijackers link after everyone else refutes it. Good job, man, maybe we'll believe you the 57th time you say it.
* Media to review their conduct after CIA leak. And Bush aides to cooperate as well, if you believe that.
* Pope takes steps to move up his succession.
* Environmental costs outweighed by their benefits.
* The dynamic duo of must-reads: Maureen Dowd on the Rumsfeld biography. And Thomas Friedman on two lessons America is learning the hard way.
* It's pointless to try and limit plea bargaining.
* Portrait of a unrepentant spam king.
* Business culture: PowerPoint killing the level of discourse?
* Clint Eastwood turning his back on his cinematic past.
* The gossip wars claim one of their own.
* More and more, men are the gender being stereotyped on TV.

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