PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I don't believe in coincidence, though I do believe in coincidences

Got to bed hell of late last night, despite knowing I had to get up extra early to shower before work. Just couldn't sleep, too fidgety. A few hours after getting to bed, I hear some clattering and noise from the kitchen, wakes me right up. Fumble for glasses, head right there. No cat beastie in sight, but I see his handiwork in a handful of things from the counter now spread across the floor. Clean them up, get back to bed to find said cat lying down as though he'd been there the whole time. And then I glance at the clock, and realize it's three minutes before my too-early alarm was about to go off. Cat beastie, instantly forgiven, since I was worried I'd sleep right through both alarms. Got to work on time and eveything.

Tags: 2011, cat, not news

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