PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Dear Mr. Barbarian, two levels lower than me in Diablo:

When you say "why dont u use dbl swng??", I am not sure you are taking into account my feelings, and how they may be affected by your inquiry.

If it was a simple matter of your curiousity as to my chosen attack method, then it is merely a poor word choice. Asking why I *do not* use the same attack as you implies that my choice is somehow wrong and invalid, and makes me feel belittled, despite my level superiority. This impression is only reinforced by your choice of the double question mark, which only serves to emphasize your insistent tone.

Furthermore, if you do the math, I believe you will find a single point of Bash to be a better choice than a single point in Double Swing. Thusly, suck it, Trebek.

Level 19 Barbarian

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