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Upcoming comic book for Mage fans...

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In December, IDW Publishing will release what it calls "Ashley Wood's most compelling work to date," Lore, written with T. P. Louise.

Here's how IDW describes the book:

"In ancient times, when folklore, myths, and legends dominated the Earth, a group of like-minded Magi gathered together from all corners of the globe. They formed a loose affiliation known as the Shepherds and hatched a plot to use the Earth's ley line energy to dampen and eventually eradicate these forces. By individually maintaining and controlling the ley lines from which the mythical creatures drew their power, the Shepherds successfully reduced these mythical forces to footnotes in fantasy novels.

"But now the myths are coming back to a modern world that has no place for them. And something has to give..."

"I've been working on Lore for years," Wood said. "I've spent a lot of time creating this world and the stories within it and I can't wait for readers to see what I'm doing."

Lore is a bi-monthly, 48-page comic. Each issue costs $5.99.

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