PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

#1: I fought skeletons last night! Me and a small crew tracked 'em down (a long, stupid process, mind you.) Five of them.First time, we got schooled, didn't take down a one of them. But the second go, we brought in a hardcore guy (who also lost to them earlier) and won! Phat lewt was achieved, and in the luck of the draw, I got two maps!

#2: Also, I was on fire the other night. No, not literally (but that would have been cool.) But I couldn't lose a swordfight. I was The Man, indeeeeeed. At one point, jobbing with a small crew, we get ambushed by a PILE of brigands. So, our crew gets cleaned out pretty quickly, until it's me and my captain against 6 of them. Other people drop out of the puzzle, since defeat was obviously eminent. Then, it was five against two. Then, four. We did it! (They offered me a spot on their ship permanently, but I respectfully declined.) Still, I was the man, even if for just one night.
Tags: gaming

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