PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

le yawn

Back from the wilds of southern MD. A few pics will eventually filter out to the usual channels. Suffice it to say, lots of Dowlings and friends, more than a few fireworks, and much chaos and craziness, including a relatively epic water fight on the 4th.

I'd love to have a night to just relax and get caught up, but instead gaming tonight (first time in too long) and a party out in VA I didn't expect to be able to hit. Saturday is a completely different party at our place to celebrate the housemate's birthday; if you don't have plans, swing on by, there's be BBQ and booze and the like.

Next few weeks will be scattered, too. Little bonus Z. time, as she's on summer break, but a little back and forth as M. is getting ready for the Pennsic-ness. Will try to put together some plans with folks as the calendar permits. (And man, Pennsic week is wide open, heh.)

Tags: 2011, not news

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