PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

America's future, Tim Burton, and HBO

* "The United States is a police state. Not in danger of becoming one. Is."
* Analysis: ninety years of Chinese party rule.
* Fareed Zakaria on a post-America world.
* How would the presidential candidates describe an ideal America?
* The Birthright program, "the selling of Jewishness to Jews."
* Dealing with sophisticated shoplifting rings in California.
* Sexposition! Should HBO dial down the unnecessary nudity? (I freely admit to cracking up at some scenes in Game of Thrones.)
* Bob Mondello on a movie critic dealing with Hollywood's addiction to sequels.
* Tim Burton talks about the nine monster movies that inspired him.

Tags: 2011, defend your thesis, movies, news, tv, welcome to america

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