PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

more Jonathan Bernstein

"My real feeling about Bush's policies is that the best way to think about them is all dessert, all the time. Tax cuts and spending increases forever. Pretty speeches about democracy, but little to back it up. Spectacular invasions, with little thought to the aftermath. Short term electoral gains from using patriotism as a partisan weapon, regardless of long-term costs.

"The real rebuke of Bush isn't TARP or tolerance; it's domestic policy. Bush's interest in domestic policy was intermittent at best, but there really was some of it: No Child Left Behind was a serious policy, as was Medicare expansion, and even the faith-based initiative was a real (proposed) policy. Do any of the current GOP candidates have anything like that? I'm not hearing it. Tax cuts, spending cuts, shutting down programs... that's pretty much it."

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