PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,


M.'s birthday week continues apace. Last night was dinner at a tasty tapas restaurant near Gallery Place/Chinatown. Will definitely make my way back up there again. Conveniently close to the Metro station. The whole area was infused with the crowds heading to the Verizon Center to see the Glee Live! show, which was entertaining.

After some discussion, and some creative driving, we swung by Revolution. The new place is nice, but once again, highly underpopulated. I sincerely feel the scene is getting too old for clubbing on a weeknight. We had fun, mind you, and I'm glad we went. But still.

Now, to try and stay awake throughout the work day. Tomorrow, the big bash at our place. Sunday, celebrating with her family.

Tags: 2011, clubbing, food, not news

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