PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The Spirit rover, high school outcasts, and the anti-divorce movement

* Gallery of iconic images to mark Amnesty International on its 50th anniversary.
* "Future generations may look back at the Mars rover Spirit as the time our ingenuity and curiosity really showed through."
* "...The differences that cause a student to be excluded in high school are often the same traits or skills that will serve him or her well after graduation."
* Talking politics with George Soros.
* Focus on the Family plans a new 'marriage defense' initiative to make divorces harder to get.
* Eugene Robinson on the Republican candidates. Also, what the popularity of Herman Cain means to the party.
* "I don't like vampires, personally." -Mitt Romney
* Straight outta Beowulf: mead makes a comeback.

Tags: 2011, food, news, pics, quotes, science!

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