PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

and, back to the craziness

Yesterday, big soiree with M.'s family, the part we don't see as regularly. Was all the way north of Baltimore, so a bit of a hike. Z. spent like most of the day in a bouncey castle, and made some new friends. She also rolled down a hill in a barrel. Fun day, but man, a long day.

This morning, dropped off Z., did some shopping. This afternoon, cookout at my place. As noted, you're welcome to join us, just bring something to share, or give a call to see what we need.

Tomorrow, getting all the chores done that I would have otherwise done yesterday or today. Heh.

Couple other plans this week, then, M.'s birthday week-or-two really gets rolling.

Tags: 2011, bebe, not news

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