PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Over the weekend, I mentioned to someone or other that I would find the SomethingAwful article on how to write for the West Wing. Whoop, there it is.

Oh, and thanks Callico for this fine article on forming an objective Radiohead opinion.

Many, many ...

* We don't want more Patriot Act, obviously.
* Wait, Russia did what? *Why* isn't this bigger news?
* Looking at Clark's military record for clues.
* A question of generations in Iran (courtesy Iceman.)
* Thomas Friedman about optimism in Iraq.
* On the other hand, sweeping business "reforms" underway in Iraq (courtesy Iceman.)
* Galileo probe, like Icarus, dies in flames.
* Wave of religious spirituality in the fall season.
* "Moviemercials"? Ugh. (Also, nothing new.)
* Mel Gibson is a big fat dork.
* Wait, Taft wasn't just a slacker?

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