PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

In Theaters: Thor

Thor won't win any Oscars, no, but it's fine summer entertainment. In the current Marvel batch, I'd rank it just under the first Iron Man movie, about as good as Norton's Hulk flick. Thor is a tough character to pull off, but they do a good job of making him pretty unlikeable at first, but gradually more endearing and heroic. The actor playing Loki does a bang-up job as well, really selling the familial evil that makes the mythos a lot of fun. Check it out on the big screen (and stick around after the credits, you won't regret it.)

Oh, and, through unexpected circumstances, I ended up seeing this twice. Once in 3-D, once in regular. And I can safely say, 3-D added nothing to it. I will be happy when the current craze is over.

New trailers:
* Columbiana - It feels like we've seen this movie a lot in the past few years.
* Super 8 - This trailer was much more Spielberg and much less J.J. Abrams, which might be more marketable, but makes me feel a little suspicious.
* Cowboys and Aliens - James Bond plus Indiana Jones and Thirteen as cowboys fighting aliens. You don't need to ask me twice.
* Don't Be Afraid of the Dark - Random horror trailer thrown in there. Written by Guillermo del Toro, but not directed by him, doesn't look particularly interesting.
* Immortals - Spiritual sequel to 300, with a plot for a Clash of the Titans sequel. Ehn, maybe?

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