PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

In Theaters: Hop

As noted, over spring break my parents took Z. and me to see Hop. I freely admit that going in I didn't have high hopes, but man, this was pretty unfulfilling. The trailer made it look like a movie about an evil baby chickie taking over Easter, but that was like fifteen minutes of the movie, if that. I wager that if they had advertised it as a Easter Bunny coming of age movie, paralleled with the coming of age movie of, uh, some slacker guy, no one would have wanted to see it. But here we are. It was amusing to hear Dr. House as the Easter Bunny, Sr., though.

New trailers:
* Zookeeper - Kevin James does Dr. Doolittle. Pass. (Z. does like talking animal movies, unfortunately.)
* Winnie the Pooh - Traditional animation, and it looks like they're working hard to stick to the source, which is a plus. Weird part: the song in the trailer is, you know, the song from my wedding dance. Heh.

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