PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Republicans, obesity, and 'the kids these days'

* What the Republicans' refusal to compromise is costing us.
* Also, Congressional Republicans, having fixed both the ailing economy and high unemployment, plan a big offensive against illegal immigration.
* Yes, the FOIA can be abused for political purposes, but it is still valuable.
* Follow-up: part of the TARP program actually turns a profit.
* A small Texas town gambles on a private prison and loses.
* The 'kids these days' are doing OK, actually.
* Ahem. A Montana state representative comes out in favor of, uh, drunk driving. (Courtesy maroonmd.)
* As awareness of obesity as a health issue spreads across the globe, so does the social stigma that it engenders.
* Paul Baran, one of the creators of the internet, passed away.

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