PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

American torture, evangelicals, and anti-labor

* 'Psychologist's notes reveal true purpose behind Bush's torture program.'
* Unrest continues in Syria.
* Fact-checking comparisons between Libya and Darfur.
* Wow. On the ground with politics and corruption in Russia's North Caucasus republics.
* A new challenge to the FISA law.
* Follow-up: remember how Republicans were going to explain the constitutionality of every bill they introduced? Funny story.
* How anti-union are Republicans these days? They're even targeting pro-labor artwork. Seriously.
* It's been said before, but: on the disconnect between modern evangelical Christians and the actual teachings of Jesus.
* Neat. Local vets work to protect schoolchildren in a rough part of Chicago.
* SyFy Channel has an ambitious idea for merging an online game with a new TV show.

Tags: 2011, gaming, news, sermon, welcome to america

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