PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Messenger, unemployment, and the permanent campaign

* The constant influx of big news stories makes us overlook things like the problems in the Ivory Coast.
* Paul Krugman notes no one is talking about the unemployed.
* Eek. Hackers hit RSA SecurID.
* Ugh. Living with the permanent campaign ads.
* New Republican bill pushes for IRS to follow up on how abortions were paid for. Seriously.
* Loudon threatens to pull Silver Line funds unless Metro goes with the (cheaper) above-ground option.
* The Messenger spacecraft starts orbiting Mercury.
* Diet Coke now the second most popular soda.
* Turns out Mars Needs Moms is an disastrous flop.

Tags: movies, news, not right, science!, wedding

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