PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

News, part 1

"When President Bush informed the nation last Sunday night that remaining in Iraq next year will cost another $87 billion, many of those who will actually pay that bill were unable to watch. They had already been put to bed by their parents."
-David Firestone

* Bush v. Gore sets legal precedent for California recall. Haw haw!
* Huge budget deficit creates tough choices for administration, like between the war and the economy (well, not really.)
* There's a paradox in telling us the economy is good when the job market is so bad. And when demand isn't matching productivity...
* More rethinking the postwar strategy.
* Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers feeling the heat from unemployment.
* The problem with the big Democratic debates, and why Republicans like Howard Dean.
* Did NOW make a mistake in endorsing Mosley Braun?

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