PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Building codes, military force, and CAIR

* How strict building codes saved lives in Japan. Nonetheless, preparation only goes so far in the face of a disaster of this magnitude. Good information clearinghouse here.
* The conflict in Libya brings back the discussion: when is it right to use military force overseas?
* Boo. Maryland punts on gay marriage.
* "Please note: voters are angry because they want jobs."
* How the health-care overhaul lead to a renewal of the battle over abortion.
* Fact-checking the King hearings, including CAIR.
* Air pollution in an unlikely place.
* Gallery: "some of China's thorniest environmental problems are centered on its great rivers, which have been battered by massive damming, pollution, and habitat change."

Tags: 2011, news, science!

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