PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Education, invasive species, and foreign policy falsehoods

* Paul Krugman talks about how spending cuts will hurt education in a very direct fashion.
* "The teacher merit pay and charter school movements are being driven by false claims, clearly refuted by the weight of evidence."
* "The nine most annoying sky-is-falling cliches in American foreign policy."
* A verdict in Pennsylvania points to flaws in the juvenile justice system.
* Five myths about Lincoln.
* On fighting invasive species.
* Re-assembling 27,000 pieces into 3,000 year-old sculptures.
* Um, I kind of need this Magneto poster for X-Men: First Class. (Still trying to keep my expectations for the movie lowered.)
* Life presents a gallery of classic pictures of heavy stuff on top of people.

Tags: 2011, comic books, easy sell, movies, news, pics, science!

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