PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Fighting oil, state budget fights, and the late Dwayne McDuffie

* Good wrapup of the ongoing state budget fights.
* Interesting: how we could use the revolutions overseas to wean us off of oil dependency.
* Fallout: unrest in Libya may lead to a refugee crisis.
* Boo. The administration defends the Israeli settlements at the UN.
* Supreme Court hears arguments on 10th Amendment issue. Could be big news, eventually, but I doubt it.
* "Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill want to know why nation-building in Afghanistan is failing. Where were they for the first seven years of the war?"
* Ugh: "A new study by the Southern Poverty Law Center describes a big rise in hate groups across the country."
* Comic book and TV writer Dwayne McDuffie passed away.

Tags: 2011, comic books, news, welcome to america

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