PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Top Chef...

Earlier today, Z. was all but gushing about this past episode, with the Muppets. M. and I hadn't seen it yet, but as Z. didn't have school tomorrow, we let her stay up past her bedtime to watch it with us.

Muppet part: fantastic. As always, it's Cookie Monster for the win.

Target challenge: wow, that was surprisingly brutal. Three hours for 100 people is bad. Middle of the night made it almost an endurance feat. And on top of that, only with equipment they just picked up? Massive. I'm loving these tough challenges. It's one of the reasons this is one of the only reality shows I like. Ten seasons in and they can still come up with things like that.

Finale: Angelo goes home, thankfully. Now if we can only eliminate Isabella, I'll be a happy man with, like, pretty much anyone else winning. (Still rooting for Carla, of course. Richard, Dale, and Antonia are my runners-up in the voting. Didn't really care for any of those three before this season, either.)

Tags: easy sell, not news, tv

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