PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Today's Photoshop Phriday on is a treat: more inspirational posters.

William Gibson gives up weblogging. (Courtesy Magistrate.)

* Texas Democrats return home for a showdown.
* Today's must-read: Paul Krugman, on the administration's exploitation of the 9/11 tragedy. And how things are going to get worse.
* Federal judge orders release of report on IMF protest arrests from last year.
* Court rules GPS tracking by police requires a warrant.
* Howard Kurtz reports: Dean's frontrunner status is starting to cause stumbling blocks.
* Hey, whatever happened to the "patients' bill of rights"?
* Serial bank robber caught in NYC.
* The homes of four Ravens players robbed within two months.
* The paradox of the "No Child Left Behind" yardstick.
* Nike settles free speech case.
* Bad art. (Courtesy Callico.)

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