PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Upheaval in the Middle East and the Chevy Volt

* "Meet the chronically unemployed twenty-somethings fueling social and political upheaval across the Middle East."
* "In one fell swoop, the candor of the cables released by WikiLeaks did more for Arab democracy than decades of backstage U.S. diplomacy."
* Glenn Greenwald on how we treat our detainees. Make sure to read the updates at the bottom.
* Anti-immigration legislation falls afoul of shrinking state budgets.
* Was Obama's speech somewhat anti-foreigner?
* California mosque to be built, despite local unfounded protests.
* Social media revolution spreads to Saudi Arabia.
* "While tea party regulars are giddy with the thought that their movement took over the U. S. House, they were actually a Trojan horse for powerful corporate interests."
* Comedy gold: Gene Weingarten investigates if the Chevy Volt is a chick magnet.

Tags: 2011, news

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