PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Egypt, the economy, and bird-watching

* Protesters in Egypt demand reforms. (Bonus: gallery.) LIs this the first in a domino effect after the upheaval in Tunisia? And if so, how will the Arab world react? Speaking of Tunisia, they're enjoying a new world with less censorship.
* This year will be definied by competing visions to reduce the deficit and grow the economy.
* Ten global issues Obama won't be mentioning tonight, but should.
* Use of aerial drones stateside sparks privacy fears.
* Five myths about interest rates.
* Paul Krugman declares the euro a failure.
* Ex-CIA agent Duane Clarridge maintains his own network of spies.
* Whuf. Tea Party Republicans in NC make the case against school integration.
* The ominous re-emergence of bird-watching.

Tags: news, welcome to america

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