PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

not what was planned, but good times nonetheless

Lovely evening with the crew. Weekend maintenance kept me on the Metro longer than I'd usually like, but eventually made it out to the joint. Caught the tragic second half of the Ravens game; had to convince everyone that I wasn't jinxing things. It was suggested that next time I could paint my nails in Ravens colors, just to make sure. Played some Zombie Dice during the fourth quarter, which is totally a game I need to pick up at the store sooner or later.

After the finale, we ran through a little Pandemic, winning on the second-to-last turn in classic fashion. There was a little mulling around, and talk of going to catch a late show of The Green Hornet. I was a little undecided. And then, a terrible plan emerged out of nowhere, and they were whipping out Twilight Imperium. Which I have never played before, I confess, but I know it to be a not-short game, so I took that as my cue to head out.

Tags: 2011, gaming, not news

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