PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,


Over a ninety minute span in the middle of the night last night, I had to get up to deal with either Z. or the terrible kitten *at least* twelve times. I really should have just stayed up by that point, but I kept trying. And failing. Only through the efforts of someone groovy was it that we managed to get her to school on time today.

My daughter turns eight this Friday. This is formally crazy talk.

On an unrelated note, I missed the book club's ten year anniversary soiree this past weekend, which I had hoped to hit, but overbooked myself. Totally miss going there (and the people, really) but it's just a bit far afield, and I'd have to take a night off from Z. to go, since it's a school night and I can't legitimately drag her along anymore.

That being said, I *did* get some catching up time with folks this weekend, and it was quality stuff. Here's hoping for more of that in the future.

Tags: 2011, bebe, cat, not news, not right

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