PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

2010 in film and TV

* The big dance: the AVClub's best of 2010. The LATimes year in review for movies, television, and the arts.
* The AFI picks its favorite movies and TV shows.

* The top ten movie stories of the year.
* lists the best and the worst scifi/fantasy movies. (Courtesy shadorunr.)
* Heh. Movies you were too good to see.
* A photogallery of Hollywood's hits and misses.
* The fifteen worst movies of 2010.
* How many of the top grossing movies did you see? (Five for me.)

* The top ten TV stories of the year.
* The AVClub lists the best series and the worst new series.
* Were the scripted dramas able to dethrone reality shows?
* The ten best character deaths of the year.
* A list of the terms we learned on reality TV.

Tags: 2010, defend your thesis, easy sell, movies, news, tv

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