PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

No, not sheep.

1.) I watched a program on the History Channel this afternoon, "Sworn to Secrecy: Eisenhower's Operatives." Very interesting stuff, including a section on the U2 spy planes. See, since he was watching Russia's war machine and its actual as opposed to perceived size, Ike realized he could actually reduce the size of our war machine. However, his popularity at home went down, because the American public just saw him cutting defense spending at the beginning of the Cold War. But there was no way he could tell people what was going on (or how happy it made him) without ruining his information.

2.) Despite my love of Reaper miniatures, and buying like all of them, I have passed up the new Dragon Tortoise like three times. It's not because it's a bad sculpt; like almost everything they do, it looks quite keen. It's not the price, nor my inherent dislike of multipart models (the more parts it has, the less likely I am to like it.) I just keep passing it up for some reason, and I don't know why.

3.) I bought some plastic sushi today as a belated present for a friend, and I may buy more soon, because, dude, it's a sushi model kit. It's awesome.

One of the three things above is a metaphor for my life. Although all three are true.

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