PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Yesterday, tasty lunch with Operative X. Who knew fruit could be tasty on a salad?
Yesterday night, after much planning confusion, ended up in NoVA hanging out with JubJub. First, some suit shopping, then a pirate restaurant, followed by a second viewing of The Italian Job. Afterwards, relaxing at her place, despite the power cutting out. A few times. Bad habit, I tell you.
Today, bonding with Callico over AIM. (Not like that.)

OK, I'm not big into cosplay, but, damn.

And, stolen from seth6666, there's awesomely creepy news about black holes.

If anyone can find me a good link about the upcoming drop in CD prices, let me know.

Tonight, RQ's sister and sister's fiancee show up, they're here through Sunday. Whoo.
Friday, a sekrit plan!
This Saturday, I RenFest. Join me.

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