PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Fox News, 'compromise,' and the Odyssey orbiter

* The detention of Bradley Manning illustrates why whistleblower protection is so important.
* Good read: looking ahead to a world after Wikileaks.
* How both sides of the aisle define 'compromise.'
* Local news: Governor O'Malley discusses the 2011 state budget.
* Unsurprising: internal documents detail how Fox News slants their news coverage.
* Yeah, about that missile defense thing...
* "NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter has become the longest-serving spacecraft at the Red Planet."
* Interesting: re-examining what we think we know about the causes of Alzheimer's.
* New world order: DVD sales not as big a factor as they once were.

Tags: 2010, news, science!

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