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Next up in the sort-of world tour of the minis games I am into these days is Anima Tactics, and it's really something of an anomaly. The games that really stick with me have to have something special about the gameplay, that sets them apart from other games. I'm honestly not sure that Anima Tactics has that. However, it has a remarkably dense backstory, which is at times an homage to anime and manga, and other times poking fun at the tropes of the genre. Oh, and it's technically from Spain, which is a new-world-order kind of awesome. Storyline and character are what convince me to try out a game/game world, and Anima has that in spades. The quality figs, lovely art, and nifty backstory seem to be doing the trick for me.

And really, the game is all about having your dude charge some other dude and proudly calling out your moves. Thousand Broken Bones strike! Flow Like the Wind! Kurohagane Sword! Hee.

To wit, here's a link to the gallery of wen_m, the dude who does the fantastic art that inspires the game. And here's a link to Studio Giraldez, who does a bang-up job of painting these figs.

Previous games:
Pulp City, Strange Aeons.

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