PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

'Warrior mathematicians' and awkward diplomacy

* "Now there's a variation on the theme: the warrior mathematician, adept in the complex modeling that has become a key part of military planning."
* Hey, remember that financial crisis thing, and everyone was finally ready to enact bank reform? Funny story.
* Also, a clear chart explaining the two sides of the Bush tax cuts extension debate.
* Ten diplomatic conversations that got a little more awkward after the Wikileaks dump.
* The death of the DREAM Act could lead to a Latino revolt.
* Do free trade agreements really boost our exports?
* "Why do deer get transfixed by car headlights?"
* Smithsonian buckles on exhibit on gay and lesbian portraiture.
* So, uh, who put up all those stop signs?

Tags: easy sell, news, welcome to america

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