PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

OK, look now

I won't get into details on yesterday's terrible day at work. Let me just suffice it to say, I spent hours on my cell phone (foreshadowing!) calling bosses, because our phones were down. I did some physical labor, and I never expect to see actual sparks flying in the office.

Today isn't getting off to a much better start. Called cab, waited patiently for it not to show up. Cell phone died while trying to explain to the second cab how to pick me up to get to work. Ended up late enough that the Metro became viable (not a good sign) and, naturally, got to Dupont Circle station just five minutes after the escalators died. All of them.


(Good news is, had a lovely evening last night, rewatching Kung Fu Panda in blu ray, and enjoying the company of a certain someone who even cooked me a tasty dinner. And after I leave here tonight, another good evening planned, and I don't have to think about work for three days. Working for the weekend.)

Tags: 2010, news, not right

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