PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Blood Bowl last night was a disasta, let's just say. My Ratmen were trounced by Amazons. I'd go into more detail, but I doubt anyone here actually cares. But, over 12 players, which is great. Now to keep those numbers up.

Tomorrow or likely Sunday, SPXPO or whatever they are calling it now. Very soon, suit shopping. Down to the wire.

Tom Shales has a fine review of the NFL-Mall-Concert-Thing. This whole issue really shows the difference between print and TV media coverage, as TV was nothing but positive on this thing.

* More jobs lost in August, and those lost jobs are gone for good, a new study says. To Bush, this means the economy is "looking up."
* Howard Kurtz with some insight into the Democrats' debate.
* Hong Kong leader withdraws new anti-subversion bill.
* Catholic priests looking at the celibacy issue. Not sure where this one is going to go.
* Goodbye, Estrada.

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