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Birthday week+ continues apace. Surprise night out last night for gaming. Played some Strange Aeons (a Cthulhu-investigator minis game) to some amusing results. Didn't have any problems fitting existing figs in the collection to what I needed for the game, which was also a nice treat.

Thereafter, we ran through a game of Dungeonquest, which I haven't played in at least a decade. The new version apparently makes the characters compatible with Descent and Runewars, which is a nice touch. Honestly, it's a lot like a dungeon-crawling version of Talisman, but in a good way. Might have to pursue that more in the future. (Oh, and I totally won that one too, purely by luck.)

We polished off the night with a little Guitar Hero, too, always welcome.

Tonight, a party for someone else's birthday. Scorpios rule. Tomorrow, work, then more shenanigans. Sunday, hanging with Z., and family dinner. Zoom zoom.

Tags: 2010, gaming, not news

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