PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

an end to fighting!

I refuse to take the Brit Quiz. I am boycotting it until we get a "Are you British or Retarded" quiz. Alternately, I will accept "Dead or Canadian?" for you Remote Control groupies out there.

Expect a real update here when work isn't stupid busy with projekts, incuding me getting handed a two hour projekt and hour and fifteen minutes before I leave. The joys of being salaried. :P

And it's nice and rainy outside, and I'm about to go watch Ocean's 11. Tomorow the day off for shopping, Wednesday for some ring movie and Messiah. Big fun, big fun.

Meercat, the party was fun, but then again, tree-trimmin' sounded like maybe more fun. Less singing, or at least less singing with microphones, however.

Miss Scarlett is here. Time to go.
Tags: 2001, tv
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