PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Muffin lover," charter schools, and voter fraud

* Great read: debunking the myths about charter schools. (Courtesy asimplelife.)
* Ten states struggling with extreme poverty. Notice a pattern?
* The campaign against the Taliban isn't going well.
* Graphic: the most, and least, corrupt countries in the world.
* Why you really, really don't have to worry about voter fraud, no matter what the right-wing demagogues claim.
* Ten terrible military strategies that didn't happen. Bonus: ninjas.
* Good read: four decades of Doonesbury.
* SyFy greenlights pilot for new Galactica show.
* Hee. PBS decides against the euphemism "muffin lover."

Tags: 2010, easy sell, news, tv

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